No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents

Modeling of Flooding in the Channel of Contact Devices PDF (Українська)
Ihor Kuzmenko, Alexandre Gourjii 7-13
Heat Transfer in Evaporation Zone of Ammonia Aluminium Heat Pipes PDF (Русский)
Eugene Pis'mennyi, Sergii Khairnasov, Boris Rassamakin 14-23
Predictive Modeling of Nonlinear Non-Stationary Processes in Crop Production Using Tools of SAS Enterprise Miner PDF (Українська)
Petro Bidyuk, Oleksandr Terentiev, Tetyana Prosyankina-Zharova, Vladyslav Efendiev 24-36
Identification and Assessment of Electrocardiographic Markers of Cardiac Electrical Instability PDF
Kateryna Ivanko, Nataliia Ivanushkina, Yevgeniy Karplyuk 37-47
Artificial Neural Network for Multiclass Recognition and its Application to the Thyroid Functional State PDF
Galyna Kriukova, Serhii Radchenko, Oleksandr Sudakov 48-53
The Discrete Model for the System of the Myocardium and Coronary Vessels PDF
Vitaliy B. Maksymenko, Valentina A. Danilova, Vladyslav V. Shlykov 54-60
Quantitative Evaluation of the Absolute Value of the Cerebral Blood Flow According to the Scintigraphic Studies with 99MTC-HMPAO PDF
Nykolai Nikolov, Serhei Makeyev, Olha Yaroshenko, Tatiana Novikova, Marina Globa 61-68
Appropriate Number and Allocation of ReLUs in Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Vadim Romanuke 69-78
Quantification of Anatomical and Fluid-Dynamic Anomalies in Fontan Patients Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging PDF
Giulia Signorini, Stefania Tirelli, Filippo Piatti, Francesca Pluchinotta, Sergii Siryk, Emiliano Votta, Massimo Lombardi, Alberto Redaelli 79-86
Wear by Friction in a Pair with Fixed Abrasive Composite Materials Based on Iron and Self-Fluxing Alloy PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Demidenko, Anatolii Stepanchuk, Andrii Klekov 87-93
Laser Technology Use Features in the Conditions of Modern State of Ukrainian Industry PDF (Українська)
Valery Kotlyarov, Alexander Kiyaschenko 94-105
Influence of the Local Cross-Streamlined Obstacles on the Velocity and Pressure Fluctuations PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr М. Turick, Vladimir А. Voskoboinick, Andrey V. Voskoboinick 106-114
Education through the life (to 100th birth anniversary of G.G. Yefimenko) PDF (Українська)
NDCH Igor Sikorsky KPI 115-118