Laser Technology Use Features in the Conditions of Modern State of Ukrainian Industry

Valery Kotlyarov, Alexander Kiyaschenko


Background. The economic decline ofUkraine is mainly caused by the decrease of industry part with the high level of value-added in the wares in GDP. The ineffective use of modern equipment in modern technologies is related to the decrease of competence of engineering skilled workers and all-round violation of technological discipline of preproduction. Besides, most technological operations are executed on principle of “job shop” by small LTD or other with low production culture.

Objective. Creation of the simplified methodology of technological preparation of the most widespread laser treatment operations that does not require the special multicriterion researches.

Methods. The essence of the worked out methodology consists in the implementation of procedure in two stages: on the first one requirements to the object are covered, that can be taken into account as a result of the simplified decisions of thermal tasks of heating and destruction of material by a laser ray, are taken into account. The second stage of planning envisages implementation of other requirements to the results of technological operation due to modernization of treatment scheme and use of the created engineering facilities.

Results. For treatment of hardware (leaks, cups, scratch marks, collars, engraving and contour undercut) the simplified analytical decision of heat-conducting equalization that is adequate during the temporal and power stabilizing of procedure of irradiation is used. The contour undercut of wares of non-metals (wood, plastics) is designed on the worked out scheme with adaptive organization of technological operation. Implementation of this stage of planning envisages the use of the special backer-ups of operation. The observance of requirements to the indexes of quality of operations is realized on the second stage by perfection of irradiation procedure, with the use of lenses of special construction that promote its stability.

Conclusions. The executed developments allowed achieving the goals – operative technological providing of laser treatment operations – using the analytical design of treatment processes and additional perfection of operations by the use of the special engineering facilities.


Technology; Laser; Technological operation; Engineering facilities; Design of process; Adaptive form of organization


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