No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents


Probabilistic-Statistical Method for Risk Assessment of Financial Losses PDF (Українська)
Petro I. Bidyuk, Nataliia V. Kuznietsova 7-17
Neural Network with Combined Approximation of the Surface of the Response PDF (Українська)
Oleksandra S. Mishchuk, Pavlo B. Vitynskyi 18-24
Rasterization Method for Voxel Model Cutting PDF
Ivan A. Dychka, Yevgeniya S. Sulema, Denys Chernykh 25-32
Wind Turbine Power Curve Exponential Model with Differentiable Cut-in and Cut-out Parts PDF
Vadim V. Romanuke 33-43
Testing a Special Shaped Body of Revolution Similar to Dolphins Trunk PDF
Igor G. Nesteruk, Markus Brühl, Thorsten Moeller 44-53
Hydrodynamics and Thermal Interaction with Air at Water Jet Blow Against Its Surface in the Limited Volume with Scattering of the Received Drops PDF (Українська)
Ivan I. Pukhovyi 54-60
Technological Supportof Parts’ Fatigue Life by Modeling Their Turning Process PDF (Українська)
Kateryna S. Barandych, Sergei P. Vysloukh 61-69
Imitating Modeling of Algorithmic Compensation of Vibration Error of Gyrotheodolite PDF (Українська)
Pavel S. Mironenko, Sergiy A. Murakhovsky, Alexander M. Sapegin 70-76
Transformation of the Diffraction Spectrum at Gradients of the Object PDF (Українська)
Gregory S. Tymchik, Irina O. Yakovenko 77-83
Method of Intraoperative Refractometry of the Aphakic Eye PDF (Українська)
Igor H. Chyzh, Kateryna S. Khriienko 84-92