No 5 (2018)

Table of Contents

Investigation at the Extremum on the Average Time Delay of Packages of Self-Similar Traffic Described by the Weibull Distribution PDF (Українська)
Irina V. Strelkovskaya, Irina M. Solovskaya, Anastasiya O. Makoganiuk 7-13
Automated Detection of Regions of Interest for Brain Perfusion MR Images PDF
Svitlana M. Alkhimova 14-21
Process Mining: Applied Discipline and Software Implementations PDF
Anatoliy Ye. Batyuk, Volodymyr V. Voityshyn 22-36
Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics of the System “Mixing–Mixing” Heat Exchanger + Heat Transfer” PDF (Українська)
Igor D. Lucheyko, Roman V. Kotsiurko 37-44
Modification of Polymer Films by Biaxial Orientation PDF (Українська)
Hrygorii I. Ved, Arkadii D. Petukhov, Ihor O. Mikulionok, Oleksandr L. Sokolskyi, Oleh M. Shnyruk 45-49
Features of Structure Formation and Properties of Com¬posite Antifriction Materials for Printing Machines Based on Recovered Wastes PDF (Українська)
Tetiana A. Roik, Iuliia Yu. Vitsiuk, Olga I. Khmiliarchuk 50-57
Approbation of the Cylindrical Inductor System with a Puller Screen for Dent Removing in Sheet Metals PDF (Українська)
Evgeniy O. Chaplygin, Svitlana O. Shinderuk, Evgeniy O. Tretinnikov 58-62
Influence of Angles of Shighting and the Earth's Surface Curvature on the Spatial Resolution of the Space Electro-Optical Viewing System PDF (Українська)
Bogdan Yu. Pinchuk, Valentin G. Kolobrodov, Volodymyr М. Tiagur 63-75
Software for Multi-Site Damage Visualization PDF
Serhii O. Tsybulnyk 76-82
Oxycellulose from Flax Fibers PDF (Українська)
Valerii A. Barbash, Irina M. Deykun, Tetyana V. Zelenchuk, Tetyana S. Zhovtun, Olha V. Yashchenko 83-88