Strapdown Inertial Attitude System Based on Ring Laser Gyro Algorithm

Alexander Sapegin, Maxim Norenko


Background. The paper is dedicated to improving the accuracy of strapdown inertial systems by improving the algorithmic software.

Objective. The aim of the paper is the development and analysis of the accuracy of a strapdown inertial orientation system algorithms.

Methods. Construction of a strapdown attitude reference system algorithms based on kinematic equation of Poisson and quaternions. The input data for the orientation algorithms are signals from the real laser gyroscopes installed in the system. Orientation equation integration is performed using the Runge–Kutta methods.

Results. The attitude system errors, depending of the different vehicle motions are determined.

Conclusions. Research of selected orientation algorithms and numerical integration showed their high accuracy. They may be used in the design of precision strapdown inertial systems.


Ring laser gyro; Poisson equation; Quaternion; Math modeling; Strapdown inertial attitude system


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