The Method for Evaluating Ametropia and the Depth of Focus of the Eye

Ігор Генріхович Чиж, Олександр Олексійович Голембовський


The need is established for measuring pseudo-accommodation (the depth of focus of the eye) when a standard artificial or accommodative lens is implanted into the eye. It is specified the need for analyzing the impact of aberrations of a measuring device’s elements as well as the pupil’s diameter onto the accuracy of ametropia and pseudo-accommodation measurements by the method, proposed by the authors. In this study, a computer simulation is applied for an optical system of the measuring device and an ametropic eye with a diffuse-scattering retina. The optical system was simulated using paraxial and real aberrational components. The results of simulation have confirmed an insignificant effect of aberrations of the device’s actual components on ametropia measurement errors. The length of the focal region was estimated by using RMS spot diagrams of light microspots at the retina, formed by the optical system of the eye in the reverse ray path. The influence of reverse ray path on measurement errors of the eye’s ametropia and pseudo-accommodation has been found as negligible. It is also shown the dependence of a pseudo-accommodation volume on the pupil diameter for the eye having no accommodation function.


Depth of the focus; Pseudo-accommodation volume


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