Flows Features in the Internal Channels of Involute External Gear Pumps

Ярослав Стрічек, Дмитро Вікторович Костюк, Олег Михайлович Яхно


Results of investigations of external gear pump with involute tooth profile which goal was to obtain the flow patterns in the suction and discharge chambers, and in meshing region and examining the effect on them of operating parameters of the pump were presented. Flow patterns were obtained by visualisation of fluid flow with a high-speed video recording of working process of the pump with a lid made of a transparent material. As result of video analysis appearance of cavities in the fluid closed in trapped volume was found. Process of the emergence of a cavitation  bubble, its growth and collapse was reviewed. The calculation dependencies that link up dimensions of cavitation bubbles and the pressure in the surrounding liquid were shown. The change of the trapped volume dimensions for given pump and type of pressure changes inside were determined. Using π-theorem dependencies in dimensionless form were obtained, criterion analysis of the results was performed showing the dependence of the pressure in the trapped volume from a number of complexes, such as centrifugal Reynolds number. It was revealed that in the trapped volume compression of fluid and cavitation occur; intensity depends on the operating conditions of the pump.


Gear pump; Flow visualisation; Trapped volume; Cavitation

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