Strong Law of Large Numbers for Solutions of Non-Autonomous Stochastic Differential Equations




Strong law of large numbers, Stochastic differential equation, Wiener process, Asymptotic behavior


Background. Asymptotic behavior at infinity of non-autonomous stochastic differential equation solutions is studied in the paper.

 Objective. The aim of the work is to find sufficient conditions for the strong law of large numbers for a random process which is a solution of non-autonomous stochastic differential equation.

Methods. Basic results of the theory of stochastic differential equations related to stochastic integrals estimation.

Results. Sufficient conditions for almost sure convergence to zero of normalized term related to diffusion of non-autonomous stochastic differential equation are obtained.

Conclusions. Results of the paper can be used for further research on the asymptotic behavior of stochastic differential equation solutions, finding the stability condition of stochastic differential equation solution and ergodic type problems also.


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