No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents


Microwave Filters Based on the Structures with Resonators in Parallel Channels as Metamaterial Cells PDF
Mikhail E. Ilchenko, Alexander P. Zhivkov 7-21
Efficiency of a Heat Pump Recuperative Heating and Ventilation System with Use of Heat of Ventilation and Atmospheric Air PDF (Українська)
Michail K. Bezrodny, Tymofii O. Misiura 22-29
Practical Aspects of Recognition of Electric Type Defects on the Analysis Results of Gases Dissolved in Oil PDF (Українська)
Oleg V. Shutenko, Volodymyr B. Abramov, Ivan S. Yakovenko 30-43
Logical Operations in Algebraic System of Aggregates for Multimodal Data Representation and Processing PDF
Ivan A. Dychka, Yevgeniya S. Sulema 44-52
Program of Simplification of High-Level Polynomial at the Example of Simplification of Wilson’s Formula PDF (Українська)
Artem M. Yevtushenko, Yuri D. Shcherbashin 53-58
Analysis of Air Heating in Winter in Underground Heat Exchangers and in Water Bodies During Water Freezing on Submerged Pipes PDF (Українська)
Ivan I. Puhoviy, Alla Ye. Denysova 59-65
Modulation Transfer Function of the Remote Sensing System when the Line of Sight Deviates From the Nadir PDF (Українська)
Bogdan Yu. Pinchuk, Valentin G. Kolobrodov, Volodymyr M. Tiagur 66-80
Factors of Microdrift of Piece Surfaces in Mechanical Processing PDF (Українська)
Gregory S. Tymchik, Volodymyr I. Skytsiouk, Tatiana R. Klotchko 81-87