Modification of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Matching Problem with Vanishing Arcs

Anna O. Danylchenko, Svetlana N. Kravchenko


Background. The applied problem of making out the optimal schedule of reception of manipulation treatments can be reduced to the extended mathematical problem of search of maximal matchings in the dicotyledonous graph. The basic challenge of solving this problem is the necessity of taking into account the limits on the acceptance of procedures.

Objective. The aim of the paper is modification of the ant colony algorithm for solution of the problem of matching with the vanishing arcs.

Methods. The initial population forming method and modified method of analysis of way of ants are proposed.

Results. The carried out studies proved the possibility of receipt of feasible optimal solution of the problem of matching with the vanishing arcs at the use of the modified ant colony algorithm.

Conclusions. The proposed method can be used for development and application of the scheduling systems and operative management in a direct care as well as at the development of control systems by flexible CASS for enterprises with discrete type of production.


Matchings; Dicotyledonous graph; Ant colony optimization algorithm


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