Estimation of the Elastic Properties of Traction Chains in Problems of Dynamics Conveying Vehicles




Tractive element, Dynamic model, Stiffness coefficient, Dynamic characteristics (AFR)


Background. Tasks of the research of dynamic parameters of conveying vehicles with a chain traction body are usually solved without structural peculiarities of traction chains. Analysis of dynamic models of a number of escalators typical character concerned with the use of a significant amount of traction chains types and sizes, so there is need to create universal experimental and calculated methodology for assessing the elastic properties of traction chains.

Objective. Improving the reliability of the dynamic model parameters of the traction body of escalators by combination of methods for determining the stiffness coefficients of traction chains (physical and virtual simulation of the experiment).

Methods. Stiffness coefficient was determined using the experimental methods (physical experiment). Stiffness coefficient of traction was determined using the finite element method. The values of stiffness coefficients of traction chains, which are obtained experimentally for estimation of the dynamic characteristics of the escalator traction body.

Results. The coefficients of stiffness of virtual model chain were determined; correction factors with the data obtained as a result of physical experiment were determined. In order to analyze and compare the calculating methods of stiffness coefficient of chain, dynamic characteristics (AFR) traction chain for different values of stiffness coefficient were built.

Conclusions. Performed calculations and investigations of the dynamic model of escalator traction body confirm the possibility of determining the elastic properties (stiffness coefficients) of traction chains with the use of virtual method with an adjustment factor, which is calculated basing on the comparison and analysis of the values of the coefficient stiffness, which are determined experimentally and virtual methods.

Author Biographies

Юрій Павлович Горбатенко, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Yurij P. Gorbatenko,

senior lecturer at the Department of Applied Mechanics of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, academician of the Lifting and Transport Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Оксана Володимирівна Закора, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Oksana V. Zakora,

postgraduate student at the Department of Applied Mechanics of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering


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