The Influence of the Axial Anisotropy of Scattering Biological Media on the Accuracy of Determination the Optical Coefficients by Monte-Carlo Method

Наталя Василівна Безугла, Михайло Олександрович Безуглий, Григорій Семенович Тимчик, Констянтин Петрович Вонсевич


The influence of the axial anisotropy of the scattering by biological media on the accuracy of determination the оptical coefficients of diffuse reflection and total transmission was considered in this work. The propagation of optical radiation in the turbid media by direct Monte Carlo for samples with different thickness in vitro at the wavelength of laser radiation 632.6 nm was simulated. Non-axial symmetry of phase function of scattering for thickest samples was confirmed by the results of the diametrically sections of photometric images analysis, which were obtained by the method of ellipsoidal reflectors. The asymmetry of the axial anisotropy of scattering, which was characterized experimentally by determined factor of the thickest biological tissue anisotropy on sections and direct Monte Carlo for sample of porcine muscle thickness of 1.4 ± 0.02 mm. It has showed the possibility of displacement of diffuse reflectance at 23 % and the ratio of its total transmission by 20 %, and of breast muscle of chicken thickness 0.76 ± 0.02 mm – quadruple and double displacement, respectively. The results emphasize the need for developing the method of spatial photometry of biological media that implements the research of light fluxes within the solid angle 4π.


Anisotropy of the scattering; Method of Monte Carlo; Method of ellipsoidal reflectors; Method of spatial photometry


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