Heat-Aerodinamic Efficiency of Helical Tubes

Eugeniy M. Pis’mennyi, Sergiy A. Reva, Alexandr M. Terekh, Oleksandr V. Baraniuk


Background. Research and development of new highly efficient heat exchange surfaces.

Objective. Determination of the heat-aerodynamic efficiency of the new equally developed surfaces in the form of helical tubes packets.

Methods. Experimental and numerical study of heat transfer and aerodynamics of helical tubes chess packages.

Results. The specific heat flux which is taken away from packages of helical tubes is 30–65 % bigger than a specific heat flux which is taken away from the corresponding (respective) packages of smooth tubes at equal costs for pumping the heat transfer agent. The maximal sizes are reached for packages of type 3 tubes at  \[\sigma _{2}=1,46.\]  

Conclusion. Application of helical tubes allows increasing the intensity of heat exchange with moderate growth of an aerodynamic drag therefore it is possible to improve mass-dimensional characteristics of heat exchange devices significantly.


Helical tubes; Equaldeveloped surface; Chess packages; Efficiency


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