The Method of Construction Scoring Cards Using SAS Platform

Сабіна Антонівна Бакун, Петро Іванович Бідюк


Background. Development of effective methods for evaluating solvency of individuals and risk of banks in providing consumer loans.

Objective. Determining of the mechanisms for implementation of scoring models in the form of scoring cards. Analysis of the possibility of using scoring cards as a tool for credit risk management.

Methods. Construction of scoring cards and preliminary analysis of input data using specialized component of the SAS Enterprise Miner.

Results. The main stages of scoring cards development were considered. The scoring card was constructed that is based on actual statistical data on granting of the consumer loans. The research also presents comparative analysis of the scoring cards with other statistical methods of subjects classification.

Conclusions. It was established in this study that the scoring cards have better forecasting ability than other statistical methods such as decision trees, neural networks and logistic regression. The format of development the forecasting models in the form of scoring cards is the easiest for interpreting. However, application of this method requires considerable investments as well as continuous updating and renewal of credit histories for borrowers.


Risk management; Data mining; Credit scoring; Scoring card; Logistic regression; Classification quality


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