Measurement Error of Ametropia and Scope of Eye Pseudoaccomodation by Images of Light Microspot on the Retina

Ігор Генріхович Чиж, Олександр Олексійович Голембовський


Background. The development of new methods and tools for an objective assessment of the volume optical component of pseudofackic eye pseudoaccommodation are done as well as the ways to improve the accuracy of these measurements.

Objective. The reasoning of the measuring possibility of the ametropia value and pseudoaccommodation volume through the reflection of the dependence on the mean square value defocusing (RMS) of the light microspot image radius on the retina was done.

Methods. The mathematical representation of RMS function, which is argumented by value of artificially formed defocused microspot image on the retina. Computer modeling using Mathcad functions RMS distortion of the electric noise.

Results. The quantitative dependence of errors of ametropia definition and scope of pseudoaccommodation on RMS function distortion level is revealed. The possibility of providing the required measurement accuracy in the proposed method is brought.

Conclusion. Existing electronic components allows you to implement a method of the ametropia measuring and pseudoaccommodation volume via RMS playback functions of light microspot on the retina. For the method it is quite achievable to measure these parameters with the error ±0.1 diopter.


RMS of retinal image of the spot; Amount of pseudoaccommodation of pseudofackic eye


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