Construction Improvement of Scintiscanner for Laser Therapeutic Settings

Валерій Павлович Котляров


The task of developments is creation of optimum construction of scintiscanner of laser ray and method of determination of its parameters and terms of irradiation. District, rural clinics and hospitals can be interested in them, because its application and service are problematic and difficult on a construction and the processor management of devices. Instead of them simple and original laser scintiscanners constructions are developed providing permanent energy density in the irradiation area which are intended for the necessities of medical establishments with small profits. The parameters of scintiscanner (drive, managing cam profile) and terms of irradiation are determined by the developed method. The created constructions are cheap, simple in making and technological during exploitation and can be used instead of scintiscanners with programmable drives. They are tested in clinical terms.


Scintiscanner; Construction; Laser; Ray; Therapy; Physiotherapy; Laser therapeutic setting; Modes of irradiation


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