Application of Discrete Structures and Numerical Sequences in Block Codes


  • Руслан Вячеславович Скуратовський Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv., Ukraine
  • Ольга Ігорівна Трембовецька NTUU KPI, Ukraine



Code, Algorithm, Archiving, Encryption


The purpose to compress information using composition of universal codes with the recursive algorithm of original data recovery was achieved in this work. It obtains compression coefficient higher than in symbolic coding. Proposed method of time coding has reasonable values of compression coefficient and its purpose is coding with compression. For this purpose, entirely new kind of universal coding with the polybasic numeral system was created. The presented method is subtype of universal codes and has an advantage over the Huffman coding for compression, because there is no need to know the exact probability distribution that gives us the characters in the initial data stream and it is a subspecies of the universal coding. The Huffman coding requires exact probability distribution. But when we talk about universal coding it is sufficient to know only the relative order of these probabilities (symbol, are more often, the second of the most common symbol, etc.) withal. Created coding method can be applied in mobile communication and in means of closed communication, if it will be used with block codes, which doesn’t scatter symbol frequencies, because it meets modern requirements for cyphering.


Author Biographies

Руслан Вячеславович Скуратовський, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Skuratovskii Ruslan V., junior research fellow  

Ольга Ігорівна Трембовецька, NTUU KPI

Trembovetska Olha I., student


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