Development of Synthetic Detergents with Antiseptic Effect

Тетяна Сергіївна Тодосійчук


Influence of the main components of synthetic detergents on lytic activity of enzyme preparations of Cytorecifen and Cytorecifen-M was investigated in this work. On the basis of previously obtained results and the analysis of compositions of detergents the sodium carbonate, zeolite 4A, carboxymethylcellulose as well as superficially active substances synthanol and sulphanol were used. Lytic activity of the enzyme preparation and the powder synthetic washing means had been established by turbydimetric method by the ability of the lyses of Staphyloccus aureus 209 test-culture. As a result of the conducted research, lack of essential negative influence of the chosen components of detergents on lytic activity of studied enzyme preparations is established. There was development of two compositions of synthetic detergents with Cytorecifen maintenance and Cytorecifen-M, with the raised by 2–2,5 times antiseptic effect and for 8–10 % washing ability in relation to known means analogue. Powder Synthetic Detergent are proposed for the washing of textile regular products and industrial application (washing the hospital linen, etc.).


Synthetic detergent; Enzymes preparation; Lytic activity; Antiseptic effect; Composition


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