Mathematical Simulation of Methane Production in the Fermentation Process

Наталія Борисівна Голуб, Олександр Анатолійович Козловець


In this paper a mathematical model for the study of the process for producing the methane fermentation when the content of acetic acid changes in the fermenter, which is formed during the methanogenesis, was proposed. At the core of the mathematical model calculation there is the ideal mixing reactor theory. As a raw material for the production of methane by microorganisms a mixture of poultry manure and waste corn was chosen. The fermentation was performed under anaerobic conditions with the temperature 37±2 °С. The methane in biogas and acetic acid concentrations were determined by chromatographic methods. It was found that by using the ratio of dry weight of chicken manure to corn 60:40 the highest biogas yield was reached and the concentration of methane was 56 %. Methane production by microorganisms have periodical dependence on the concentration of acetic acid which is generated by waste destruction. Acetic acid concentration affects the pH-value, and thereafter the methane yield. Comparison of calculation results based on the mathematical model indicates positive suitability to the experimental data within the engineering deviation.


Mathematical model; Biogas; Microorganisms; Acetic acid; Fermentation process


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