Method for Assessing Modulation Transfer Function of Trifocal Intraocular Lens

Валентин Георгійович Колобродов, Інна Олегівна Кучугура, Володимир Іванович Микитенко, Євгеній Анатолійович Сірий


The article investigates the quality of images formed by multifocal optical elements. The method for calculating of multifocal diffractive lens modulation transfer function (MTF) at presence of background is proposed. The method is based on a geometric calculation of the intensity of background images and the diffraction efficiency of the main image in each focal plane is considerated. The article has studied the contrast of main images formed by trifocal intraocular lens (IOL). Based on the proposed models of uniform and non-uniform background intensity distributions MTF of given IOL are calculated in each focal plane. It is shown that the main image diffraction efficiency determines a decrease in its contrast at low spatial frequencies with uniform and         non-uniform backgrounds. The MTF dependence on the type and background position is analyzed and found that in the case of non-uniform background the main image contrast is slightly higher than for a uniform.


Multifocal diffractive lens; Modulation transfer function


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