Wall Boundary Layer’s Viscosity Definition in the Forming Equipment Channels for Polymers Processing

Олександр Леонідович Сокольський, Ігор Ігорович Івіцький, Володимир Іванович Сівецький, Ігор Олегович Мікульонок


The research objective is definition of the processed polymeric material melt properties in a wall boundary layer of working equipment channels. Setting the slip coefficient, that provides a linear relation between the viscosity in the boundary layer and the slip coefficient which often don't correspond to reality is a standard procedure in one of the most common polymer melts flow numerical simulation software package Ansys Fluent. The experimental researches of the viscosity boundary layer slip coefficient for the three types of polyolefins have shown its non-linear, non-invariant for different polymers types, in some cases with the extreme presence. The form of this dependence varies with the flow rate increase of the polymer passes through three stages caused by the wall effect is established. The results of these researches allow more accurate considering of the boundary conditions for the polymer processing numerical modeling and optimize the accuracy of the design parameters.


Polymer; Forming; Wall effect; The slip coefficient


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