Completeness Problem in Preserving Denotations Function Class on Records




Completeness problem, Denotations, Primitive program algebras


Background. Modern range of IT problems forces researchers to not only consider solutions of programmers’ problems, but processes of their solution. That is why researches of generally valid organization structures of the processes become the most important. Distinct place in the researches take problems related with building of algebraic characteristics of pragmatically-conditioned function classes, including completeness problems solutions in corresponding algebras.

Objective. Solution of completeness problem for class of computable manipulative functions on records. Term “manipulative” is specified as property of function to preserve denotations (atomic elements, which form records).

Methods. Primitive program algebra (PPA) has been chosen as instrument for the research of this class of computable functions. Solution of PPA completeness problem for manipulative functions on n-tuples formed solution basis of completeness problem and basis of generative functions system creation. Buildings, made in the paper, are based on algebraic methods of program analysis and methods of compositional programming.

Results. Solution of completeness problem for class of computable manipulative functions on records is described.

Conclusions. Results yielded may be utilized for further theoretical and applied researches of record manipulation methods, uncovering algebraic characteristics of manipulation functions classes on perspective carriers, for instance, lists, stacks, queues etc., programming languages semantics formalization, which use records as data type.

Author Biographies

Тарас Леонідович Захарченко, NTUU KPI

Zakharchenko Taras,

PhD student at Department of design of electronic digital equipment of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv.

Business address - 01037, Kyiv, Permohy av., 37, faculty of electronic

Research interest: adaptive design  environments, image processing, artificial intelligence, digital hardware design.

Home address: 03057, Kyiv, Dovzhenka str., 14, app. 149.

tel.:  +380639602296, +380442773748.

Ігор Володимирович Редько, NTUU KPI

Redko Igor,

professor of the Chair of constraction of electronic computer apparatus of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv

Business address - 01037, Kyiv, Permohy av., 37, faculty of electronic

Research interest: the theory of descriptive environments and applications of it.

Home address: 04213, Kyiv, Prirechnaya str., 19-g, app. 178

tel.: off. 477-10-60, mob. 0674455729, h. 4149153


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