ТЕ01δ-, ТЕ02δ-Dualband Filter on Dielectric Resonators

Тетяна Вікторівна Підгурська, Олександр Олексійович Трубін


This paper is concerned with a challenging problem of dual-band filter design based on rectangular dielectric resonators (DR) with no additional coupling elements or complication of DR shape. We exploit the possibility of operating on both higher ТЕ02δ oscillation mode ensuring higher values of unloaded Q-factor and the lower one ТЕ01δ. Based on analytical scattering models with one and two DRs, calculated coupling coefficients, the analytical model of dual-band filter has been developed, that accounts for two bands simultaneously. The applied methods include the analytical, finite element method and the experimental one. The accuracy of the presented analytical model has been verified by simulation results using finite element method as well as by the conducted experiment, that show very good agreement. The proposed structure can be used in front-ends of multi-band applications in wireless networks after adjustment to the desired frequency range.


Dielectric resonator; Oscillation mode; Dual-band filter; Coupling coefficient

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/1810-0546.2015.1.41483


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