Peculiarities of Sorbtion of Phosphates by Hydrous Oxides of the Elements of III and IV Groups

Тетяна Василівна Ліснича, Тетяна Євгеніївна Теріковська, Наталія Михайлівна Вислогузова, Святослав Олександрович Кириллов


Binary mixtures containing hydrous oxides of titanium, aluminum, lanthanum, and cerium with various ratio of ingredients have been synthesized by means of co-precipitation method from water solutions. The physical and chemical properties of the target materials have been characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, IR spectroscopy, porosity studies and pH titration. The sorption affinity of binary mixtures towards phosphate ions has been studied. The synthesized binary mixtures have a mezoporous structure with the pore size of 1–3,2 nm and the specific surface area of 242–432 m2/g. IR spectroscopy has shown that a mechanism of removal of phosphates with water solution by lanthanum containing materials is caused by the anion exchange process with participation of hydroxyl groups. рН titration has shown that binary mixtures are ampholytes. The mixture of Al(OH)3–La(OH)3 has the maximal exchange capacity of 9 mmol/g in acidic media and 6 mmol/g in alkaline media. Maximal exchange capacities towards phosphate ions are 522,5 mg/g (рН » 2,5) for Al(OH)3–La(OH)3 and 294,5 mg/g (рН » 9) for Al(OH)3–Се(OH)4.


Sorption; Phosphates; Titanium (IV) Hydroxide; Lanthanum (III) Hydroxide; Aluminum (III) Hydroxide; Cerium (IV) Hydroxide


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