Propagation of Spin Wave Through the Anisotropic Boundary of Two Uniaxial Ferromagnets in an External Magnetic Field

Оксана Юріївна Горобець, Юрій Іванович Горобець, Володимир Петрович Роспотнюк, Тетяна Юріївна Роспотнюк


This paper represents the investigation of the reflection of bulk spin waves at the interface of two uniaxial ferromagnetic media that propagate at an angle to the interface and their penetration from one ferromagnetic medium to another one. Thereby, the interaction similar to the interaction of two antiferromagnets is taken into account at the boundary interface between two media in an external constant uniform magnetic field. The problem is solved in the formalism of spin density based on equations of Landau–Lifshitz in the absence of dissipation in the system. The boundary conditions are proposed and imposed on the magnetization vector at the boundary of the interface of ferromagnets taking into account the energy of the boundary anisotropy. The expressions are also calculated for the reflection and transmission coefficients of spin waves in this case. It is shown that the intensity of the reflected spin waves and those that penetrated into the medium of another ferromagnet depends on the parameters characterizing the anisotropy of the interface section in the case of presence of the magnetic anisotropy of the boundary interface of ferromagnets.


Spin waves; Ferromagnet; The surface magnetic anisotropy; The boundary conditions for the magnetization; Landau–Lifshitz equation


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