Дослідження закону дистрибутивності в розширеному інтервальному просторі


  • Ольга Анатоліївна Жуковська NTUU KPI, Ukraine




Intervals, Distributive law


A study of the law of distributivity in the extended interval space is suggested. The research for interval in the center–radius form was conducted. The classification of the intervals is proposed. A set of intervals is represented as a union of three subsets which have defined by the relations of values the centers and the radii. We proved the lemma about the conditions under which the sum of the two intervals will own to same subset of the intervals you want to add. The conditions in which the sum of the two intervals belongs to the same subset as intervals, which are added. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the distributive law hold for the intervals belonging to one of the subsets are offered. A numerical example demonstrating, that the obtained conditions are constructive, is                presented. These results provide the opportunity to conduct research to improve the algebraic structure of the set of intervals.

Author Biography

Ольга Анатоліївна Жуковська, NTUU KPI

Candidate of sciences (physics and mathematics), PhD, associate professor, assistant professor at the NTUU KPI


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