Effect of Form Factors and Magnetic Properties of Thin-Walled Metals on the Induction Heating Processes





Induction heating, Electrical conductivity, Metal magnetic permeability, Current density, Maxwell equation


Background. The use of induction heating in the technologies of contactless processing of sheet metals is an actual solution, which allows increasing the effectiveness of performed operations. The most of the induction heating systems applied, due to the high level of power used, operate in the modes of deep saturation of the metal. The issue of the electrodynamic processes occurred in the region of the non-constant index of the magnetic permeability of the metal is relevant.

Objective. The aim of the paper is conducting analysis of the peculiarities of electromagnetic processes in a ferromagnetic sheet metal located in the alternating magnetic field of the external inductor to determine the optimal characteristics of the system.

Methods. The adaptation for Maxwell's equations solution in accordance with accepted assumptions of the physical-mathematical model for obtaining numerical estimates.

Results. The analytical dependences obtained, which are the solution of the physical and mathematical problem within the framework of the adopted model, were analyzed with the corresponding numerical estimates.

Conclusions. Numerical estimates have shown that the variation of the metal permeability parameter of the object, as well as the degree of its saturation in the course of vortex currents, has a significant effect on the heating time of the metal. The saturation state avoiding will increase the efficiency of the heating process.

Author Biography

Oleh S. Sabokar, Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University

Олег Сергійович Сабокар


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